Asset Inclusion Loan

Designed for borrowers who have adequate assets but do not fit traditional qualifying mortgages, our advanced assets-as-income calculations ensure that qualified borrowers can supplement monthly... Read More

Investor Loan

For experienced investors who may exceed agency investment property maximums or do not meet traditional income requirements, this loan is designed for investors who own... Read More

Expanded Ratio Loan

For homebuyers who do not meet qualifying mortgage debt-to-income (DTI) requirements, this product allows for up to 55% debt-to-income ratios for customers who meet residual... Read More

Non-Warrantable Condos

Non-warrantable condos are eligible for financing with all of Bayview’s Portfolio Programs (Refer to Bayview’s Non-Warrantable Condo Matrix).

Early Access

Designed for borrowers who have had a significant derogatory credit event and have not met agency seasoning requirements. Foreclosure — allowed after 3 years have passed... Read More

ALT Doc Jumbo Financing

Ideal for self-employed borrowers looking to qualify for Jumbo financing based on sourced business deposits on their three most recent bank statements. Credit scores as... Read More